Jane Burridge - The Lady Toastmaster

The red-coated Toastmaster is a uniquely British tradition, lending distinction to formal and semi-formal ceremonies, events and celebrations. The modern Toastmaster offers the traditional services of greeting and announcing guests and introducing speeches and toasts, but combines these with the roles of advisor, coordinator, function liaison, linkman and diplomat.

Jane Burridge, The Lady Toastmaster, is one of the very few professionally trained ladies working in this field. Jane will advise on the correct procedure in accordance with the accepted traditions of social order, protocol and etiquette; she will act as a master of ceremonies in a formal or informal manner; and she will co-ordinate the event on the day so host and guests may relax, knowing that someone has an eye on the clock, the formalities and the guests.

Why book a Toastmaster?

Why leave the coordination of your event to friends or family – or worse, to chance? A professionally-trained Toastmaster is an expert in procedure and etiquette, with the combination of tact, management skills and attention to detail necessary for the smooth running of events often involving large numbers of people.

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Why book Jane as your Toastmaster?

Jane supports and encourages all those with a part to play in the proceedings, instilling confidence and providing a calming influence. Having Jane as your Toastmaster means that your event will run smoothly and to time; you and your guests can relax and enjoy your event, without stress or worry. Also, you are assured of that extra touch of style, making your day truly memorable.

A professional service delivered with style and elegance - see what her clients have said about having Jane as their Toastmaster!

Member of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters

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We have employed a variety of toastmasters in the past for various functions but never a lady and never one of such exceptional professionalism and expertise....

You were utterly, utterly brilliant on Sunday. Thank you so much. We couldn't have asked for a better, more calm and wonderful toastmaster....

Whenever I thought ‘I wonder if Jane has done that’, or ‘I wonder if Jane is there’ - you always had and you always were. I should have known....

On a professional note I would like to say you offer a truly 5 star service something no other service provider on the day achieved....